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4520 Broadway, Suite B, Boulder, CO 80304

Dental Implants, Placement, and Restorations

Implants—Dental Advances Give Us A Better Option

Toothloss is an unfortunate life event. You need your teeth to chew, to keep other teeth in place, and for your self-esteem. It is often embarrassing to have one missing. And people might find themselves no longer smiling. Toothloss though is very common, whether due to decay, trauma, failed restorations, periodontal disease, or fracture, you may find yourself at a point where you require the replacement of one or more of your teeth. And luckily gone are the days of bridges and partial dentures being the first resort. Dental implants offer a better, modern option. And at Boulder Dental Arts, tooth replacement is easy!

Tooth Implant Placement and Restoration

Dental ImplantsReplacing a tooth used to require either a removable appliance or a bridge. Those are still options, however dental implants have become much more popular options for many reasons. Tooth replacement via implants enjoys not only one of the highest success rates in dentistry, but in all of medicine. They are titanium alloy screws that are very compatible with human tissue. Dr. Patrician will place them in your jaw, then allow you to heal. This involves the body osteointegrating with the dental implant. It essentially becomes one with you. This new metal root is then restored with a crown and connecting abutment.

How Long Will a Dental Implant Procedure Take?

It’s important to realize there are two parts to the procedure: the implant and the crown. Everything from start to finish is typically done in our office, and the procedure, while sounding scary, is quite painless. It also does take some time to complete one of these. After an extraction you need several months to heal before the implant is placed, then several more while it integrates before we can complete the crown. Under the right circumstances we may be able to place the implant at the same time the tooth is exfoliated, cutting your wait time in half. The full dental procedure—from extraction through implant placement to the final restoration—will be done in-office at our North Boulder location.

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