4520 Broadway, Suite B
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4520 Broadway, Suite B, Boulder, CO 80304

You can probably remember a number of dental appointments where a smattering of tools ended up in your mouth simultaneously. A hygienist working on your teeth while another dental assistant followed behind with the suction tool. Fortunately, there is a new tool on the market that is improving patient comfort and appointment efficiency. The Isodry Isolation tool gently retracts the patient’s tongue and cheek while providing continuous suction.  The Isodry Isolation tool also helps remove aerosols improving safety for patients and practitioners during COVID-19.

Comfortable, Hands-Free Device

The Isodry Isolation tool gently rests against your cheek during your dental procedure with a flexible plastic mouthpiece that holds the device in your oral cavity. During your dental appointment the device will make a sound like that of an electric toothbrush as it whisks aerosols, saliva, and fluids from your mouth. The unique, patented mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for patient comfort. Each mouthpiece is disposable to avoid cross contamination between patients.

Removing Aerosols Improves Patient & Practitioner Safety

More than ever before, it is especially important to protect both dental practitioners and patients from contagious pathogens. Isodry provides continuous suction within the oral cavity. By pulling dangerous aerosols out of the air before they can be inhaled by the doctor or patient. Don’t worry! This device won’t “suck all the air out of your lungs”! The Isodry works comfortably and quietly throughout your dental appointment.

An Alternative to Rubber Dams and Manual Suction

Here at Boulder Dental Arts, we love the Isodry as a more comfortable alternative to the previous techniques including rubber dams and manual suction. It’s our number one goal to make dentist appointments as comfortable as possible for our patients. Isodry gives us improved visibility in your mouth without needing to bombard you with additional appliances. Goodbye rubber dams and cotton rolls, hello Isodry!

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