4520 Broadway, Suite B
Boulder, CO 80304

4520 Broadway, Suite B, Boulder, CO 80304

You walk into the dentist office, and what is the first thing you expect to hear? “Do you floss?” You probably even prepared your response about your flossing habits before walking through the door. But we’re a different breed of dentist.

Does everyone in the staff at Boulder Dental Arts floss? Yes. Should you floss everyday? Yes. But we’re going to hit you with some truth about flossing habits.

If you’re brushing properly you are removing plaque and deposits efficiently. Flossing in conjunction with proper gum brushing is the best thing, but the average person can clean teeth effectively with the proper teeth and gum brushing.

Interproximal Decay and Inconsistent Flossing

Who absolutely needs to floss everyday in conjunction with proper gum brushing? Those with interproximal decay. That means the spaces between the teeth are not getting proper attention, and this can lead to dental health issues.

What are contributing factors to interproximal decay?

  1. Flossing inconsistently
  2. Poor Nutrition

People with interproximal decay must floss every day because your brush cannot reach those spaces in between the teeth.

So, unless you have interproximal decay, you might be okay with proper gum brushing twice a day. Have questions? Ask the Boulder Dental Arts team.