• Comfortable Care

    We do not believe a dental visit should be long waits in awkward, stuffy waiting rooms only to go stare at a wall while you wait for someone to eventually come poke around your mouth. We strive for zero waiting times, offer super comfy dental chairs that gently massage you like a bunch of kittens pawing at your back, and hygienists with an easy touch, ones who will spend some time, not come and go in a heated rush. They have mastered a gentle thorough approach to cleanings that have surprised many a patient who thought this was supposed to hurt to be effective. Nope.
  • Advanced Dental Services

    Boulder Dental Arts offers our customers the most high-tech dental services known to mankind. What does that mean? Silent drills, digital x-rays, rotary endodontics, CariVu technology, Oraverse® anesthesia reversal, gentle massage chairs, Bose noise canceling headphones, and more. We take care of your mouth with the latest dental technology, and you get a comfy visit to the dentist. Learn More About BDA Services
  • Our staff is friendly and fun!

    We are a happy group of people. We are each here because we love our roles in dentistry, and that is reflected in how you are treated. Our people aren't feeding you scripts from a consultant or trying to sell you gadgets and gimmicks. They are excited to help, and their only goal is to optimize your oral health. There's no pressure or sales tactics.