Extraordinary Cleanings

There’s so much confusion out there about how we clean your teeth, and it all revolves around the fact that somewhere along the line dentists condensed everything into one term. Now suddenly you are hearing different ones and thinking ‘whaaa?” In the past decade our attention has turned closely to gums, which may have been overlooked prior. It turns out they are sort of important, and when they are diseased it reflects on many different parts of your body. Your heart, pregnancy, diabetes, and many more conditions can worsen with poor gum health.


Cleanings (Prophy)

This is what you typically expect when you come visit us. If your gums are in good shape our hygienists (who went to a special school and don’t like being called assistants) will use ultrasonic and hand instruments to break off small tartar deposits, stain, and plaque that might build up. They will also spend time making sure you can keep your mouth clean at home. You also get fun swag at the end!

Scaling and Root Planing, deep cleaning

If you haven’t been to a dentist in a while, or you are genetically predisposed, or you don’t have good home care you can develop periodontal disease, which is an infection of the gums. Bad bacteria and tartar infect the pockets under the gum, and you are in a state of inflammation chronically. This will lead to tooth loss. You don’t want that! In this case we undergo a different treatment that involves using special instruments to go below the gum and remove the toxic stuff that’s creating the infection. We then follow up thoroughly to make sure you don’t relapse. It’s not a one and done thing, and if you don’t work with us you won’t get better.